Tee Time Golf Greenlit & Coming to Virtual Reality 10/29/2016
Good news everyone!  Tee Time Golf has been Greenlit.  

We are now 100% for sure coming to Steam!

In addition to that, we are also making Tee Time Golf Virtual Reality compatible.

To learn more about the latest news, watch the video of our latest youtube live stream.

Steam Greenlight - Go Vote Now!! 6/22/2016
Hello people,

We have put Tee Time Golf on Steam Greenlight and need you all to do 3 things.

1.  Go and Vote Yes
2. Leave a positive comment.
3. Tell all your friends to vote yes and leave a positive comment.

Use this link to get to our Greenlight page and share it with your friends, family, and friendly looking strangers.

See you on the course!

- barkers crest

Tee Time Golf 6/12/2016
Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. 

I'm glad we can finally show off our newest game, Tee Time Golf! 

Hit a Hole in One with Tee Time Golf!  The newest game from Barkers Crest Studio is finally almost here.

- 8 Player Online
- Course Designer
- 6 Themed Courses (More Planned)
- Earn XP & Gold, Level Up, Unlock Clothing and Gear
- World Wide Tournaments with real time Wagers
- Centralized Server for Course Upload and Downloads
- Much, Much, More!!

Do you have what it takes to be the best golfer in the world?

See you on the course!

Coming Fall 2016 to Xbox One
Look for us on Steam Greenlight soon.
Has it really been that long? 2/12/2016
Has it really been a little over 2 years since my last post?

Wow, time flies.

The good news is we are making great progress on our next game.

I can't wait to show it off!
Avatar Legends: 2360 is here. Go get it now!!! 11/27/2013
7 Day Super Bowl Sale!!! 1/30/2013

In honor of the most exciting event of the year, Avatar Football is on sale for the bargain price of 80 Microsoft points effective immediately.

It is a Super Sale for a Super Awesome Game!!!!

Get it while the food is still hot!!!!

What is this madness??? 12/27/2012

Click for a larger version.

1 Year Later 9/7/2012
Ouch,  I just noticed it has been a year since the last post.

I've been very busy working on the latest game to even notice.

Hopefully we can finish this game up in September and get it to you soon.

In the mean time, here is a video from 2007 of my first Dream Build Play entry.


It sure is nice to feel wanted 9/7/2011
So I was messing around on the dash today and came across a pleasant surprise.  Avatar Legends is featured in the most wanted spotlight for the month of August.  We certainly did have a great August and appreciate everyone who picks up the game so a big thank you for helping us get to where we are.

I was able to snap a few pics with the trusty Canon to share with everyone.

Here is a far away snapshot:

...and a close up.

Slay monsters and cast spells...truer words have never been spoken.

The Golden Dude...is Gold. 6/19/2011

VVGtv recently announced the winners of the Golden Dude awards and Barkers Crest Studio is honored to announce that Avatar Golf and Avatar Legends are both worthy of the Golden Dude.  Avatar Golf for best Xbox Indie sports game and Avatar Legends for best Xbox Indie rpg.  I don't have an acceptance speech prepared so I'll just go ahead and say thanks to my friends, family, and all of the fans that support us.  Without you all there is no Barkers Crest Studio.


Click for larger versions of the awards.

Click here to jump on over to VVGtv and see what other Xbox Indie games that are worthy of the Golden Dude.

We have Forums! 6/3/2011
We have forums now!  Hooray!

Get your chat on peoples!

Design Lesson #005 Travel and Testing 5/27/2011

Don't forget the previous lessons if you haven't seen them already.

Multiplayer Maps

Single Player Tutorials

Lesson 1: Building a Map
Lesson 2: Swords and Monsters
Lesson 3: Triggers and Events
Lesson 4: NPCs and Quests

This is the last 'Broad' lesson and from here on out we'll focus our lesson tutorials on very detailed and specific tasks so if you have any questions about the designer ask them in the comments below ( and don't hit refresh ).
Avatar Legends is out NOW! Only 240msp for a Limited Time!!! 5/26/2011
Go get it folks and join in on the fun.


Oh, and if you start designing make sure you start with a multiplayer map first.  There is a bit of a learning curve on the designer just like any other powerful tool.  Building a few multiplayer maps first will help you learn the tool before moving onto the more complex designer components in the single player mode. 

Make sure to watch the design help videos.  They will help out quite a bit.  We'll have more videos coming in the future.
Design Lesson #004 5/18/2011
NPC's and Quests

Another 7 day wait... 5/15/2011

Peer Review Status Update 5/9/2011
The wait for Avatar Legends is sadly going to have to be a little bit longer than originally anticipated.  The game failed peer review.  The game can not be resubmitted to peer review until Thursday morning.  If all goes well this next peer review ( which it should because we've spent a ton of time trying to destroy the game lately finding zero bugs ) it 'might' be available at the earliest Saturday morning ( U.S. central time ).

As disapointing as this may seem do not fret Donna Sue because the extra 7 days of testing were used to clean up a few areas of the game that needed some TLC.

Trust me, the wait is killing me too.  ;-)

In the mean time, go listen to this xblafans podcast featuring yours truly.

Click Me
Design Lesson #002 and #003 5/6/2011
Swords and Monsters

Triggers and Events

Avatar Legends submitted to peer review. 5/2/2011
Avatar Legends has been submitted to peer review.  Once it passes review the game will be available on the marketplace...if it passes the first time through.  We've tested it inside/out and feel really good about it's chances of passing.

I'll keep you updated with the progress, in the mean time, here is a sweet video of 6 player multiplayer.

Yes, this game is awesome.  The wait is almost over.

Make sure you watch the video in 720p.

Design Lesson #002: Building a Single Player Map 5/2/2011
Pre-release Question and Answer 4/30/2011

Feel free to ask questions in the comments and we'll get them answered.

Make sure and watch the videos on youtube in HD.
Design Lesson #001: Multiplayer Maps 4/30/2011
Are you addicted to the sticks? 4/23/2011
For those of you who have enjoyed Avatar Golf or just enjoy golf in general, Owen Good of Kotaku wrote up a pretty nice opinion article worth a good read.

The writeup even has a little bit of commentary from yours truly...so totally worth the read.


In non-golf news, Avatar Legends is currently in playtest on the creator's website so if you have a premium membership give it a try and let me know what you think.

The game is basically at a point where all features are done and all that is left is a bit of tweaking and bug squashing.

Stay tuned...
The Avatar Legends 4/6/2011

  • 10+ hour single player adventure.
    • Level up your character by earning XP.
    • Complete quests to earn gold for purchasing better equipment.
    • Fun and engaging story line.
  • Up to 6 players Xbox LIVE Multiplayer
    • Conquer multiplayer maps with friends to earn Gold and XP for character leveling.
    • Global High Scores.
    • Join matches in progress.
  • Level Designer
    • Multiplayer
      • Build terrain, add trees, water and structures to your map.
      • Setup combat waves ( enemies )
      • Players can download the custom maps to their hard drives after playing them.
    • Single Player
      • Tell your story in the story designer.
      • Define all of the quests and objectives for the player to complete.
      • Define all of the items in your world, such as swords, shields, magic, and general world items like books, rings, etc...
      • Place your friends on your maps and give  their words life in the dialogue designer.
      • Trigger events to change weather, show/hide objects, give rewards (gold, xp, world items), complete quests...
      • Define your enemy types and place them on your map inside combat zones.
  • Unlockable Titles
  • Unlimited Replay Value
  • Much, much, more!!!

Coming late April 2011.

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