How do I download courses.
An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for downloading courses and online play.  This is a Microsoft restriction of the XNA framework and not a decision of Barkers Crest studio.

To download courses, first you need to find a person to download a course from.  You can request courses or find people who have created courses by visiting the Easy Golf forums, here .

Once you have found someone, they will fire up their Xbox 360 and start up Easy Golf to host a course downloading session.  In the main menu there is an entry called "Share My Course".  They ( the host ) will select that entry and then will be prompted to select a course.  Once the host selects a course they will then be dropped into a course sharing lobby.

In the lobby the host must then send out game invites to those they want to share their course with.  When you accept the game invite you will then be added to the course sharing lobby.

Once the host is ready to share the course, the host can press ( A ) and the course sharing will begin.  You will receive a message when the sharing is complete.

You have just downloaded the host course and can play it anytime you like.  It will now display in the list of courses available for local and network play.

If you have any questions or are having technical difficulties email me: